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        Chengdu market January 16th basically steady pipe prices
        Author: adminDate: 2015-01-17Views: 2476

        Chengdu Steel Pipe Market News: January 16th (Friday) Chengdu pipe prices basically steady. According to the Chinese steel spot data network, Chengdu steel pipe produced with 27*2.5 Hua Qi pipe offer 3310 yuan / ton, with the diameter of 33*3.0 welded pipe offer 3210 yuan / ton, with the diameter of 48*3.25 welded pipe offer 3120 yuan / ton, with the diameter of 168*4.0 welded pipe offer 3290 yuan / ton, with the diameter of 219*5.0 welded pipe offer 3310 yuan / ton, Chengdu steel pipe of the estate with 219-426*6-8 spiral tube 3400 yuan / ton.
        [market] today Chengdu market pipe prices stabilize, the market demand is light, traders will ship is strong; the current depressed market short-term difficult to change, the businessman pessimistic about the market outlook, in order to reduce the operation, reduce the market inventory, to avoid excessive capital pressure; considering the local resource amount increased slightly, sales partial pressure, is expected to Chengdu pipe prices weak stability concussion running.
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